An ideal therapy animal is well-socialized, controllable, predictable, non-aggressive, not too shy and is comfortable in different environments. Your pet should be at least one year old and have lived with you for at least 6 months. He/She must have basic obedience skills and enjoy being petted! 

Having the ‘right’ pet is not enough; the human-end of the leash must also be appropriate. Volunteering with your pet is a team effort. Handlers must confidently be in control of their pet by working with them in a positive manner to ensure the safety of all. All of our therapy animal team volunteers must be registered with Pet Partners®. 

CLICK HERE to access a one-page document which provides more detail to help you assess if this type of volunteer work is a right fit for you and your animal.

Steps to becoming a registered Pet Partners Therapy Animal Team.

1. Complete a Pet Partners Handler Training Course - training for the human-end of the leash. Find our listing of local courses on our COURSES page.

2. Pass the 22-part Pet Partners Team Evaluation.
    - Review the valuation for Small Dogs  or  Evaluation for Large Dogs on our EVALUATION page..
    - Find local evaluation dates on our EVALUATIONS page.

3. Have your veterinarian complete a health-screening of your animal.

4. Submit your completed Registration Packet and Fee to Pet Partners. (You will receive the packet as part of your student materials when you take the course mentioned in step 1 above).

Additional information is in our FAQs (to the left). If after reading you still have questions, please contact one of our local Mentors by emailing
If this link doesn't work, please copy and paste into your own email.

Other Volunteer Opportunities:

If you currently don’t have an appropriate pet but would like to get involved there are other ways you can help. We can utilize self-starters who can help in areas such as working with evaluators/instructors to register and schedule attendees, writing newsletters/website content, help with our databases and more. 

Email  if you are interested in exploring how you might get involved. If the link does not work, please copy and paste it into an email.

* We do not have an office - all non-Pet Partner volunteer activity is done virtually at your home or in occassional group meetings. 
* We can NOT accommodate community service volunteers.

Please Note:
We do not 'loan' out animals for people to volunteer with. You must utilize your own pet or a family member's/friend's pet and complete all the steps noted to the right before handling a therapy animal on visits.
Click on the "?" above to access our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).
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"You just really never know what experience you are going to have on your visits. You just know you are going to touch someone, somehow.” 

Terry Baker, registered Pet Partners Therapy Animal Team with Pippi.
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