Evaluation Requirements

Small Dogs

Large Dogs


Predictable Rating:
New scoring system: You must receive a minimum of a 1 on every exercise to earn a Predictable rating. You may NOT receive any Not Ready (NR) scores on the evaluation in order to pass. Under the old scoring system, you could receive an NR on 2 of the Exercises D through I of the Aptitude portion of the evaluation and earn a predictable rating; D) Staggering Gesturing Individual; E) Angry Yelling; F) Bumped from Behind; G) Crowded Petted; H) Leave It; I) Offered a Treat.

Complex Rating: 
New scoring system: You must receive a 2 on the following exercises to earn a Complex rating:
Exercise 5 - Out for a Walk
Exercise 6 - Walk Through a Crowd
Exercise 10 - Stay in Place
Exercise 12 - Reaction to Neutral Dog (under the old scoring this could be a 1)
Exercise A - Overall Handling
Exercise B - Exuberant and Clumsy Petting
Exercise C - Restraining Hug
Exercise G - Crowded and Petted by Several People
Exercise H - Leave It (under the old scoring this could be a 1)

You must receive minimum of a 1 on all other exercises. You may NOT receive any Not Ready (NR) scores on the evaluation in order to pass. You may NOT receive a Complex rating if you’ve practiced or trained at the evaluation site.

Current Teams 
Remember, you must schedule and pass an evaluation along with re-registering every 2 years with our National organization to remain an active member. Don't know your current expiration date? It can found on the front of your Pet Partners badge, just above your picture. Refer to "Evaluation Checklist" below

New Teams
Begin registration process, by opening a volunteer account at www.PetPartners.org  Follow the instructions on these screen shots to establish your account.  Click to download 

All Evaluations, unless otherwise noted, will be held at Tucson Medical Center, 5301 E Grant Rd, Tucson, AZ 85712, in the Marshall Hall - Mesquite and Tumbleweed Rooms, east side of the main building. Evaluations are 8am to 5pm. To register for a time slot, you must do so through the Volunteer Center on the national website  www.PetPartners.org

Once you register for a date, the local evaluators will be notified by national and will then contact you to schedule a time for your evaluation on the date which you signed up for. If you have trouble registering, please contact the national office using their online form or by calling 425-679-5500.

         DATE                                                                     Evaluators                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
  September                                                                  NO EVALUATION             

        10/21/2017                                                             Linda Grim & Cindy Mayo                                                
        11/18/2017                                                             Linda Grim & Diane Korn                                                       
         12/16/2017                                                            Jo Turnbull & Diane Korn                                                         
      *Renewing Teams may be evaluated up to 6 months prior to their expiration date                            


If you are missing materials your evaluator may not be able to evaluate you that day. Remember that the evaluation is like a simulated visit.